Marta Wlusek is a Berlin based Polish artist. She graduated in MA Photography from University of the Arts London in 2016. In her practice, which extends beyond the traditional notion of medium specificity, she combines elementary photographic means with conceptual ideas to explore the boundaries of what can be considered photography.

Marta holds a degree in Cultural Studies from the University of Silesia (Katowice, Poland). Since 2015 she has been focusing on her own personal projects. She also curates Nowa Topografia blog.


06/2017 - Unrelated until now - group exhibition at Kutscherhaus Kunstverein Recklinghausen, Germany

06/2017 - 2 weeks artist residency during Process-Space Art Festival in Ruse, Bulgaria, followed by exhibition

05/2017 - Selected artist to FLAX Open Academy 4-day workshop at Akademie der Künste in Berlin

05/2017 - Published in Flat Magazine, issue 3 'the analogue issue', Brooklyn, NY

05/2017 - 'Three-fold: self, media, society' Photography and New Generation group exhibition in Hangzhou, China

08/2016 - Shortlisted for LATENT. "Latent is the result of the meeting and collaboration between D.O.O.R and MATÈRIA, two Rome based institutions specialised in photography. Latent (an anagram for Talent) is an open call aimed at the discovery and the promotion of photographic research and production characterised by originality and innovation within the field of contemporary photography."

07/2016 - 'Photography is Magic' 2016 Aperture Summer Open group show curated by Charlotte Cotton, Aperture Foundation, New York, United States

07/2016 - Published in DER GREIF issue 9

06/2016 - #nfcdab wrocław, digital art biennale, Poland

05/2016 - Project Salon at Susak Expo - Chelsea Salon in partnership with the UAL Postgraduate Community contributing to the 10th Anniversary of the Susak Expo Biennale, Croatia.

04/2016 - Published in Fount Magazine #1 (Germany) - a print magazine about multidisciplinary culture

02/2016 - Metro Imaging (UK) one week IG Takeover Residency

01/2016 - Published in Der Greif, issue Guest-Room: Lesley A. Martin (Aperture Foundation, NY)

12/2015 - Published in Fresh From Poland - Polish contemporary photography platform

12/2015 - Published in Der Greif, issue Guest-Room: Robert Morat (Hamburg/Berlin)

12/2015 - EyeTime2015, Future Voices Jury Honor Award, USA

12/2015 - Tall Tales: An Investigative Look into the Surreal - a juried group exhibition featuring photographs and video that depict altered and deceptive reality, Cleveland, Ohio and online.

01/2015 - 12/2016 - MA Photography, LCC University of the Arts London